Tag: turn-based

Falling Skies: The Game

The day the sky fell flat on its face.

Wasteland 2

Mighty Mutatin' Desert Rangers

Endless Legend - Preview

Setting 'Civilization in space' on a single planet does not result in Civilization

Battle Fleet 2 - Preview

You sunk my battleship!

Might & Magic X - Legacy

Modern gaming systems aren't powerful enough to run this retro game.


Roll playing game

XCOM: Enemy Within

A new threat emerges...

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Squad now mobile.

Knights of Pen & Paper + 1 - Preview

Have you meta my Woofie Mage?

Leviathan: Warships

You sunk my warship!

Skulls of the Shogun

Strategy stripped to its bones.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown

The aliens return again for the first time...

Endless Space

Civilisation in space?

Avernum: Escape from the Pit

A wonderful fantasy epic lost in gaming lore long since forgotten

Might and Magic: Heroes VI

Back for another round of turn-tile-based strategy...