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An Interview with Peter McConnell

From big band to metal, the eclectic composer discusses his finest works.

Videogames Score in Classic FM Hall of Fame 2014

And an increase in young listeners!

Classic FM Devotes Evening to Game Music

Saturday Night at the... Controller?

The String Arcade

Classic games, classically performed.

The Soundtrack to a Generation Pt. II

Songs of the Old West and the near future...

The Soundtrack to a Generation Pt. I

Musical highlights of the last eight years.

Rocksmith 2014

We WILL rock you

Interview - HyperDuck Soundworks

A quacking great natter with Team HyperDuck!

Dance Central 3

With a time travel plot that takes you back to the '70s, Dance Central 3 is hoping to add an older generation to its fan base.

Just Dance 4

Don't ask, just dance.

Interview - Steve Burke

An interview with acclaimed video game music composer Steve Burke!

The Evolution Of Video Game Music

Simple bleeps and bloops were how it started...