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Element Gaming Range - Gaming Office Chair

Our latest hardware review series. Elementary!

BAFTA Games Awards 2015

Shocks, surprises and Schafer!

The Digital Fix Game of the Year Debate 2014 - Part One

Warning: May contain controversial choices.

Nathan Drake: Hero or Mass-Murderer?

Nathan Drake may pretend to be a good guy, but the psychologists might disagree. Treasure hunting charmer or homicidal psychopath? It's time to study the evidence.

Radius Festival - Friday and Saturday

Beauty! Hilarity! Surprise Guests!

E3 Predictions: 2014 Edition

No X-Spencer's spared.

IMO: The Soul of Gaming and The Fetch Quest

Video games are all about collecting a bunch of useless dots. Deal with it.

The Year That Was: March 2013

A look back at the month that was March 2013

The Year That Was: February 2013

A look back at February 2013 on The Digital Fix

The Year That Was: January 2013

A look back at January 2013

Top Ten: Greatest Video Game Bosses

The bosses we love to hate.

Guns of Icarus Online - Developer Q&A

We catch up with developer Muse Games progress on Guns of Icarus Online.

Top Ten: Soundtracks You May Have Missed

Musical magic you may have overlooked.


Prepare to learn something new... about yourself.

How to Host a Gaming Night

You gotta Streetfight for your right to party!

Exclusive F1 2011 Q&A with Senior Producer Paul Jeal

Top man gives us the low down on F1 2011