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Assassin's Creed: Unity Confirmed Via Trailer

Crossiant this assassin at your own peril!
21st March 2014


I know me
19th March 2014

Goat Simulator Is Actually Happening

Things just goat serious.
13th March 2014

Classic FM Devotes Evening to Game Music

Saturday Night at the... Controller?
12th March 2014

Xbox One now Ł399.99 in the UK from February 28th

24th February 2014

This Week and Next XBL

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Busy busy busy
19th February 2014

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Demo Available

  X360    PS3  
Dracula is back
13th February 2014

Xbox One Multiplayer Updates Incoming

Party chat turned on by default!!!
11th February 2014

Sid Meier showcased on the Humble Bundle

Set your own price for some fantastic strategy games and help a good cause at the same time.
6th February 2014

Xbox One Updates incoming

Battery meter is coming back!
5th February 2014

Ubisoft may have cancelled Wii-U Watchdogs

If true, it could be the first of many cancellations.
24th January 2014

Powerstar Golf Update coming Jan 28th

Golf day!
23rd January 2014

This Week and Next on XBL

22nd January 2014

FIFA 14 Patch Released

  X360    XBONE    PS3    PS4  
22nd January 2014

Dead Rising 3 DLC Update

13GB patch incoming...13GB!!!
20th January 2014

SimCity going offline

So much for 'it won't work offline'...
13th January 2014

Interdimensional Games demonstrate how to maintain good customer relations

Studio apologises for new release CONSORTIUM’s bugs.
13th January 2014

Dark Souls II - Into The Light

PC    PS3  
Into the light. To praise the sun?
8th January 2014

Dark Souls Cafe - Praise the Sun!

  X360   PC    PS3  
How many cups of Est are you allowed? Do they refill if by the bonfire?
8th January 2014

Flood hit Hello Games insurance woes

No Man's Sky likely to be hit by knock on delays.
28th December 2013

Telltale developing Game of Thrones

Winter is coming...
18th December 2013

4chan users target female game developer with abuse - because she's a woman

We're embarrassed about our species.
13th December 2013

This Week and Next on Xbox Live

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Peggle 2 and Walking Dead Season 2 - solid week!
10th December 2013

Halo Spartan Assault Xbox One to Launch on December 24th

  X360    XBONE  
Master Chef
9th December 2013

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