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    Gareth Gallagher

    Gareth Gallagher

    Hello all! My name is Gareth Gallagher and on the illustrious DigitalFix forums I am called Wakeupjake, currently I am operating as features editor and writing for the gaming section and basically being at the beck and call of the editor. I live in glorious Belfast where I work for a broadcasting company who are indeed British, I’ll let you work that one out. I truly love games and have done since as long as I can remember, and now to write about games and help run the site has been a great experience and I foresee it growing into something fantastic. Other than that I also play guitar in a band you’ll never hear, dabble in photography and can often be found at the business end of a pint.

    You can follow my ramblings on Twitter at Wakeupjake

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