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Gareth Gallagher

Hello all! My name is Gareth Gallagher and on the illustrious DigitalFix forums I am called Wakeupjake, currently I am operating as features editor and writing for the gaming section and basically being at the beck and call of the editor. I live in glorious Belfast where I work for a broadcasting company who are indeed British, I’ll let you work that one out. I truly love games and have done since as long as I can remember, and now to write about games and help run the site has been a great experience and I foresee it growing into something fantastic. Other than that I also play guitar in a band you’ll never hear, dabble in photography and can often be found at the business end of a pint.

You can follow my ramblings on Twitter at Wakeupjake
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They did the Monster Smash...

Rocksmith 2014

For those of you who are ready to rock!

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Better Wraith than never

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

The beautiful game, made beautiful again.

The Evil Within

I ain't afraid of no ghost...unfortunately.

Madden NFL 15

American Hand-Egg at its finest


Punch. Kick. It's all in the mind.

Video Saved the Radio Star

Videogames, music and it shaped the things to come.

Destiny alpha impressions

Destiny is very close to being in your hands.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut

In space no-one can hear you pew-pew-pew


Don't call it a comeback!

Watch Us Play: Killzone Shadow Fall

Watch us shoot things...and miss things quite a lot. For free!

Richard Jacques Interview

We chat to audio magician Richard Jacques.

Let's Play WedNESday - Chip 'n Dale

Let's party like it's 1999..well, 1990 to be absolutely honest

The Year That Was: November 2013

Bye November 2013! It was lovely!

Deadfall Adventures

Insert caption here because I really can't be bothered.

The Year That Was: March 2013

A look back at the month that was March 2013

The Year That Was: February 2013

A look back at February 2013 on The Digital Fix

The Year That Was: January 2013

A look back at January 2013

Win Deadfall Adventures - Xbox 360 and Steam

Win the adventure of a lifetime...kinda

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

It is very much definitely not all over...