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Luciano Howard

I am the Reviews Editor and regular contributor to all sections of the site. My favourite game genres are platformers, driving games and then probably a mix between action-adventure and beat 'em ups. Some of my all time favourite games are Super Mario World, Football Manager, Bayonetta and Street Fighter IV. Bizarrely my favourite games of this generation though are Uncharted 2, Rock Band and Dark Souls - amazing games in various ways. If you want to talk about anything gaming related or respond to any of my articles you can find me either @Luciano_H or via
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Stop - Thief!

LTTP: To The Moon

Everyone should go To The Moon


Cooked Electric Omelette? Yes please!


Defeat the man, get eaten by a giant worm.

Gran Turismo 6

Grand Tour Number 6

Need For Speed: Rivals

Do you feel it?

Dark Souls II - Into The Light

Into the light. To praise the sun?

Dark Souls Cafe - Praise the Sun!

How many cups of Est are you allowed? Do they refill if by the bonfire?

The Year That Was: October 2013

October, or was it old-gen Stoptober?

The Year That Was: April 2013

BioShock infinite, Two times Ten(s) and some JRPG romps.

IMO: Go Away Console Launches!

Say no to console launches!


Not a God, of water or otherwise.

Beyond: Two Souls

Does this move beyond the rain?

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

Ooo-aaargh me hearties!

Football Manager 2014

Is it their year?


Let's take a random walk together as we make and break bonds.


The Descent meets Dog Soldiers.

The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs 2. Yay.

DuckTales: Remastered

Where's my money?

Sony PlayStation 4 - Get yours November 29th

Well played Sony, well played.

Football Manager 2014 Announced!

Football Manager is back!!!