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    Rob Kershaw

    Rob Kershaw

    I'm a Contributing Editor for the Games section of The Digital Fix, and write reviews, previews and features. I've been gaming for over a quarter of a century, ever since the halcyon days of the Amstrad CPC 464, and have absolutely no intention of stopping.

    My favourite genre by far is RPGs of any kind, although I'm happy blasting through an FPS, exploring action-adventure and point-and-click games, or poring over puzzle games. If it's got a good story, I'm there. Planescape: Torment is possibly my all-time favourite, exploring a ridiculous number of themes in an intelligent and mature way, which hasn't yet been bettered.

    Happy to wax lyrical about games, genre TV or pop culture in general. Just follow @MrRobKershaw on Twitter.

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